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King Abdullah Sport City - Jeddah


King Abdullah Sport City Jeddah

We were chosen  by our client to design, supply and install the wayfinding scope  in their prestigious project a sport city with 60,000 seat stadium, which includeds a Royal Suite and indoor arena.

The Project was completed in 12 months period.

in 4 months period we:

- Completed full study of the project

- Produced a wayfinding strategy that complies with FIFA and local requirments.

- Designed more then 4000 Signs, and developed new finish that suites the hot and humid climate, considering other weather issues such as sand storms, signs were 100% sealed with subsurface graphics.

- Produced the signs in 8weeks to the highest standards

- Shipped all signs from the UK to Saudi Arabia and installed in 6 weeks


Radisson Royal Moscow


Flagship Hotel of the Rezidor hotel group and one of the best places to stay in when you are visiting Moscow the hotel is one of the most famous architactural features of Moscow, the hotel Ukraina was commisioned by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and it was designed by Askady Mordvinov and Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky and it is the second tallest of the (Seven Sisteers) the hotel was opened on the 25th of May 1957


We have worked on the most prestigious most luxurious hotel which is Rezidor flagship hotel (The Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow), which stands as one of most iconic skyscrapers in Moscow City.

The project was a challenge in all aspects, to be able to design the interior signs we had to study the hotel history and the interior design, the details and material used in the signs were to the highest standards, the text on the signs is carved in toughened low iron glass with 24K gold dust, which was applied in a new unique method.


В 2010 г после масштабной модернизации гостиница "Украина" открылась под брендом "Рэдиссон, Ройал" (Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow).

Проектом по навигации, вывескам, табличкам, планами эвакуации и т.д. в гостинице занималась компания 3DS и в частности г-н Джим Хайва.

Были предложены различные варианты решения по навигации, после утверждения макетов у собственника были изготовлены пилотные образцы. Качество устроило. Хочу отметить, что производство происходило в Европе из материалов высокого качества. Производство заняло оговоренные в договоре сроки.

Учитывая, что здание имеет статус "Памятник истории и культуры регионального значения", все работы по монтажу были произведены максимально деликатно.

Могу порекомендовать г-на Джим Хайва как порядочного и опытного подрядчика, соблюдающего сроки реализации проекта.


Антипов Денис

/отдел рекламы и маркетинга/

Rezidor Hotel Group Radisson / Park inn hotels branding

Helping the group to brand new and acquired hotels in the UK, EU, Russia, CIS and the Middle East.

London 2012 Olympic

Working on a unique project like this was a very exciting and challenging project. Being part of Key Project management team responsible to deliver and install London 2012 wayfinding scope, despite all the challenges which some seemed to be impossible. we have proved that our knowledge and experience change any difficult challenge or situation to a great success.

Over 26,000 signs, with venues capacity of 645,217 Spectators, it was a 24/7 operation over the Olympics and Paralympics.

AMH King Abdulaziz Airport - Jeddah


We are workign on one of the largest aviation related projects, this project is to creat wayfinding strategy and sigange for 16 buildings which includes 11 aircraft maintenance hangers with clear spans up to 160m, ancillary buildings and workshops, with total area of 343,000 square metres of built-up area, and includes an automated MRO facility; corrosponding aprons, taxiways and airfeild infrastructure work. Additional to wayfinding we are involved in Runway Lighting, High level Warning LED Lights for the project


- Total signs estimated to be 18,000 signs

- Areas are devided based on function and security level

- Complex wayfinding strategy developed to assist in this huge facilty operation

- Developing asset mangemnet and tracking system to assist in wayfinding and operation